The 10 Biggest Celebrity Sports Fans

The 10 Biggest Celebrity Sports Fans

When it comes to the world of sports, fans come in all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. And celebrities are not exempt. In fact, many celebrities are diehard sports fans, whether it be sports in general or specific teams, chances are you’ll find a celebrity or two among the thousands of rowdy fans filling the stadium or arena.

So, who are some of the biggest celebrity sports fans around? Here we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the biggest fans, in no particular order!

  1. Jack Nicholson: Anyone who is a fan of Jack Nicholson will know that Jack is a huge LA Lakers fan. He will even often try to use his wit and charm to sway the outcome of the game in favor of his team. If you’re attending a game, see if you can find Jack sporting a Lakers tie.
  2. Justin Timberlake: As one of the biggest fans of the Memphis Grizzlies, Justin Timberlake can be found sitting courtside at nearly every game. But his fandom doesn’t stop there. Justin is also one of the owners of the Grizzlies.
  3. Will Ferrell:  Over the years, Will Ferrell has made it a point to demonstrate his loyalty to the USC Trojans football team. Whether it be performing in stunts, helping to pull off pranks during practice or leading the band as the Grand Marshall, Will Ferrell has done it all for the love of the USC Trojans.
  4. Jay-Z: Arguably, there aren’t many celebrities that are a bigger sports fan than Jay-Z. He not only is the owner of his hometown team the Brooklyn Nets, but he also played an important role in getting the Nets to relocate from New Jersey a few years back. Jay-Z is also a certified sports agent, helping Robinson Cano secure a sweet deal in the MLB offseason.
  5. Carrie Underwood: Although her marriage solidified her love of the team, Carrie Underwood has been regularly seen at Nashville Predators home games over the past decade. But when she married team member Mike Fisher, her love for the team grew.
  6. Jessica Alba: Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are good friends with former Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis. This resulted in Jessica Alba attending many games at Oracle Arena on a regular basis, where she is often seen on camera cheering on the Warriors!
  7. Will Smith: Will Smith is true to his roots and one of the biggest supporters of his hometown Philadelphia 76ers! In fact, his support and devotion to his hometown extend past his love of the game and the team to his pocketbook. Will Smith owns part of the team.
  8. Denzel Washington: Arguably one of the finest actors of all time, Denzel Washington is also known for his regular attendance at games played by the Los Angeles Lakers, sporting his all-black New York Yankees hat. As a fan of both teams, Denzel Washington isn’t afraid to throw on a Lakers tie and a Yankees hat to show his love for both teams.
  9. Matthew McConaughey: During football season, you can find Matthew McConaughey on the sidelines of his beloved University of Texas Longhorns football team. Because he is such a devoted fan, Matthew McConaughey has been able to see first-hand his beloved Longhorn’s win a national title. When it comes to the Longhorns, Matthew McConaughey says things are always “alright, alright, alright.”
  10. Bill Murray: Not only is Bill Murray known for his legendary acting skills, he is also known to be a die-hard Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan. It is his love and devotion to his teams that have made his presence a staple at many Chicago sporting events over the years. Over 30 years ago, Bill Murray was able to help former Cubs announcer Harry Caray open up the first night game ever played at Wrigley Stadium.

As you can see, celebrity sports fans span across teams, sports, and skill levels. Next time you attend a sporting event, try to keep an eye on the jumbotron to see if you can catch a glimpse of a celebrity who might be in attendance!

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