Novelty Neckties Showcase Personality

Novelty Neckties Showcase Personality

Corporate America has changed. Just over three decades ago, male employees at IBM were only permitted to wear white button-down shirts and plain, inoffensive neckties. This was the company’s strategy for appearing as professional as possible. No one wanted prospective customers to be put off by wild shirts or custom-designed novelty neckties that reflected the wearer’s personality. In business circles these days, however, many rules against individuality have been abandoned.

Showing Your Personality

Suits and ties are still common in the business world. However, the personal expression allowed by an individual’s choice of neckwear is now a way of connecting with others at work. For example, sports neckties that represent a favorite team are one way to display camaraderie. A tie of orange and white and the Clemson paw print logo instantly create a link between two Tigers. A green and yellow tie with the famous “G” logo of the Green Bay Packers can get two people talking who might otherwise have struggled to find common ground. The fact is that employees wearing unique ties can humanize corporations—and customers like to deal with humans.

Staying Professional

The trend toward expressing individuality through novelty neckties isn’t limited to the love of sports teams or alma maters. In the right environment, ties with religious themes such as stylized crosses and artfully portrayed Bible verses can connect with the right people while keeping the wearer’s look professional. The same goes for neckwear that commemorates branches of the military. An Army tie can sport a vibrant pattern of its star logo, or it can look conservative with only a small logo or emblem at the bottom. Either way, they make for conversation pieces that can bring people together.

Passion vs. Fashion

The days of having to choose between being “fashionable” and displaying your love for the Chicago Bulls are over. You can have it all! With creative, yet professional patterns, you don’t have to look like you’re headed to an NHL game to communicate that you’re a San Jose Sharks fan. The subtle shout-out to your passion should be in the details. Eagles Wings’ ties are both professional and personable.

Those who are searching for unique ties will find what they need at Eagles Wings.


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    Eagles Wings
  • I am curious if you do custom creations? I belong to a high school boosters organization and the boys on our 5 basketball teams are required to wear ties to school on days of games. It might be nice to see the boys wearing the same tie (a tie that is their school colors and logo). If you do that type of work, what is the cost and the price per unit breakdown? If you do not, is there someone you can recommend?

    Linda Bagley

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