3 of the Best NFL Uniforms

3 of the Best NFL Uniforms

The theory is that when you look your best, you do your best. But does this translate to professional athletes? And football players in particular? Although they may have great-looking uniforms, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be wearing a Raiders tie on Super Bowl Sunday. Here is our list of the three best looking NFL uniforms.

San Francisco 49ers

We nominated The San Francisco 49ers  for the number one slot in the NFL because their current jerseys are a cleaned up, improved version of the original 49er’s uniforms. These uniforms were initially worn as throwbacks but were so clean looking, that they had no choice but to bring this jersey back for good. Although the jersey has made a comeback, the players’ helmets look essentially the same. The most attractive feature of this uniform is that the straight white numbers looking clean and crisp against the red of the uniforms.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are one of those teams who deserve a lot of credit for getting their uniforms right the first time around. Originally, the Panthers were founded as an expansion team in 1996, officially joining the league with the perfect look for their uniforms. The Carolina Blue combined with black and silver creates a timeless look that is easy on the eyes, yet still sharp and classic. Since the beginning, their look has remained the same. In 2012, a slight adjustment was made to the logo, but other than that their uniforms have pretty much remained unchanged since the beginning.

Oakland Raiders

Some might consider the Raiders uniform a bit basic or simple, but that’s what makes it effective. The black and silver of their uniforms make them look sharp and memorable. This color combo not only makes the team look sleek but also anyone wearing a Raider tie. These uniforms are arguably the least-touched in the entire league. Many may even argue there isn’t much that that could be done to improve these uniforms.

Regardless of who your favorite team is, you can’t argue that some teams have better-looking uniforms than others. There are some teams whose jerseys hit the mark on the head, while others are so off-base that you can only hope they rectify their uniforms for next season! What team do you think has the best uniforms?

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