12 Fun Facts About Neckties

12 Fun Facts About Neckties

There are various reasons as to why men don a tie, whether it be a mens novelty tie, a silk stripped tie, or a bow tie. Regardless of the reason, ties are a fun way to accent your wardrobe and add a touch of personality to your fashion. While some men wear ties daily to work, and others only wear them on special occasions, there is a tie for just about every occasion.

Historically, ties were used to keep the collars of men’s shirts together. Throughout history, the tie has evolved and changed to what we presently have. So, where and how did the tie originate? We’ll answer that and provide you with some other interesting facts about ties that you might not know below!

  • Ties were originally called a “cravat” and were worn by Croatian soldiers
  • Neckties are the most famous gift given on Father’s Day
  • Every year, Americans spend approximately $1 billion to purchase 100 million ties
  • To make a quality silk tie, it requires approximately 100 silk worms
  • There are 177,147 different ways in which you can tie a necktie
  • The biggest and largest manufacturer of ties in the world is in Shengzhou, China
  • Those who collect ties are known as grabatologists
  • Stripes on American ties go from the top right to the bottom left, whereas British ties stripes run from the top left to the bottom right
  • At one point in history, touching another person’s tie meant that you wanted to duel or fight the other person
  • During the 17th century, the English designed a tie a sword could not cut through
  • You can purchase a bulletproof tie
  • The world’s most expensive tie was made by an Indian designer: Satya Paul for the Mumbai fashion show in 2004. The cost of the tie was $220,000 and was made of pure silk and 261 diamonds
There are many fun and interesting facts surrounding neckties, that can entice you to purchase some mens novelty ties to add to your collection. Whether you are looking for a tie that will make the perfect gift, are wanting to add to your collection, or need something that will showcase your personality, check out Eagles Wings today! With a wide selection of novelty, collegiate, sports, and more to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect tie!

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